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Google Scholar Indexing

We can helps the scholars to boost the worldwide visibility and accessibility of their research. We can boost your profiles on Google Scholar.

ISSN Registration

SCH can help publisher to get ISSN registered for their journal both Online and offline. We can assist you for gaining ISSN numbers. 

HEC Indexing

HEC indexing and recognized journals have a value. We can assist you getting Indexed with “Higher Education Commission of Pakistan”.

DOI Indexung

We are specializing in getting DOI registration for scholarly journals.  Get your own university/publisher name DOI in Pakistan.

About SCH

Students Consultancy Home (SCH) is a research based organization. It has been working for creating and nurturing talents in Pakistan , Saudi Arabia and Malaysia since its inception. It is working in the fields of education and research and has attained a significant place in the world for its praiseworthy activities. It plays an important role in the field of research by funding research projects and publishing the research papers.

SCH runs Guman, Jahan-e-Tahqeeq, Shnakhat, Harf-o-Sukhan, Journal of Media Horizon, AL-Qirtas, AL-Qirtas, Al-Safiir, Al-Safiir, International Journal of Islamic Studies & Culture, Pakistan Journal of Law & Society, Pakistan Journal of Art and Culture, International Journal Of Computer Science And Technology, International Journal Of Human Sciencs, Journal Of Applied Linguistics abd TESOL, Journal of Social Sciences and Educational Studies, Pakistan Journal of Linguistics, Multidisciplinary Journal of Instruction, international bulletin of theology and civilization, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry and Pakistan Journal of Modern Physics, Pakistan Bulletin of Botany for creating a platform to share the thoughts of professionals, scholars and academicians throughout the world. The journals are published from Pakistan. The quick review process, rich editorial boards and quality publications have already made these journals unique.

See Our Work

SCH have successfully launched several projects for Universities in Pakistan. Here are a few examples of our work to understand the level of quality you will get.