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OJS Installation Service 

SCH is here to help you. With the help of  OJS, you can get your journal publication website. OJS is an online journal management system. You can host journals and scholarly articles online. If you are looking for HEC approved journal website hosting for publishing and journal management through one platform, Then our OJS Hosting is a viable option for you. 

Our Packages

Starter $100/yr

  • Free Installation and Migration
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Support and Training
  • 1 Free Upgrade/yr.

And More…

Advanced $199/yr

  • Up to 10 Free Indexations
  • Free Installation and Migration
  • Upgrade from old Domain
  • Multi Journal Installation
  • 1-Hour Free Training
  • ISSN Registration
  • 2 Free Upgrade/yr.

And More…

Institutional $299/yr

  • Up to 20 free indexations
  • Free Installation and Migration
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Multi Journal Installation
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 2 Hours Free Training
  • Scopus Application
  • ISSN Registration
  • 3 Free Upgrade/yr.

And More…

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Features Included in All Packages

  • 1 Custom Domain Name
  • Email@Domain
  • Free Support and Training
  • OJS Installation
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Monthly Backup
  • Mobile-Friendly & Responsive
  • OJS Training
  • Free Starter Theme
  • Quick Submit Plugin
  • DOI Management
  • ISSN Management
  • Announcements 
  • Orcid Profile Integration

Fastest Setup

After confirmation of the order by client end, it takes just 2-3 hours to install your OJS, and Journal configuration.

OJS Training

We are facilitating our clients with free training on OJS. Those who are unfamiliar with the OJS interface can get free training sessions for the workflow of OJS.

Data Center

We have servers located in US. So we give fully secure and safe hostings.

Priority bug fixes

We provide first class support to every one of our clients. We know a lot about OJS and we are ready to use this knowledge to help you!

Free Monthly Backups

We\’ll take a snapshot of your website every month and keep 3 historic revisions. 

Google Scholar Indexation

We will help your research journals to get indexed by google database.

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