Scopus indexation?


If you want your journal to be indexed by scopus?

SCH is here to help you for all the processes and tracking step by step of your research journal for getting indexed by Scopus. As people wants their research journal would be Scopus Indexed. But they don’t know to get it. Our team can help you for fulfilling all the requirements of it. So you may easily get your self recognized in the database of Scopus. 



Complete stages for indexing in SCOPUS.


Step 1

We will make submission of your file for in the light of complete prequsists of SCOPUS.

Step 2

In Next step, SCOPUS will validate the file submitted for indexation.


Step 3

In this step, SCOPUS will do more progress on your file and will intimate about the health of file.


Step 4

When file enrichment completed, SCOPUS will intimate about the progress.


Step 5

After that your file will be Ready to be released to CSAB. And You will be notified for the stage completed.


Step 6

In the process of under review by the CSAB, your file will be finally accepted or notified about the modification needed. 
Final Step
After completing review stage, you Journal will be accessible on SCOPUS main site indexation.


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